Prayer Request

Hello, we are glad you are here.  This page is for prayer request. We are dedicated to praying for those in need; whether it is spiritual, health, financial needs, other.  Please read our privacy page first, then Fill out form below to be added to our prayer list below.

Privacy Policy

  1. If you want privacy we can either leave your name out and you will be added to our Unspoken list, which means your name isn’t added but we will still keep you in our prayers.  We will keep you on our list for a few months. We will update as the need changes.  So if you want to remain on the list, you need to tell us.  Or if you want your name added but the need not listed, we can do that also.  Most time we don’t add the actual need to the list, but can if you request us to do so.
  2. Most people are private people and we will try our utmost to respect your privacy. Like stated before, please tell us if you don’t want your name or need listed.
  3. We will not give your name out to any solicitors or businesses.
  4. This list focuses on praying for the sick.  That is why we ask certain questions.  We will not share anything about you, that you ask us not to.
  5. We have a printed prayer list for our church that is distributed to our members.  If you want your name added to it, let us know.  This list will be updated as the need arises.  Keep us informed if you want to stay on the list.
  6.  We hold the right to keep your name off our list if you use mockery, profanity, or a request we cannot pray for; Such as a request that goes against our beliefs.  (Ex. Praying to hit it rich playing the slots at the Casino.)
  7.  We will add your name as quick as possible.  If we do not have your name listed within a week at most, then please feel free to contact us again.

To add your name our prayer list, please fill out our form.