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Jesus Our Hope of Heaven

Today in Sunday school we taught the children about Jesus and why it was necessary that he had to die on the cross.  If we look at our bodies, we see that they are not perfect; we have blemishes, wrinkles, … Continue reading

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Refining Us into His Image

Satan didn’t want me to release this post and tried to work against me publishing it so trust me, it needs to be said.  Please carefully read the following post! I will be completely honest with you for I feel … Continue reading

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The Cost of Sin

When we are young, we live our life as if there is no tomorrow. We live carefree lives and don’t worry about following God’s laws as much.  You think you have all the time in the world to do as … Continue reading

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What is God Like?

To get an understanding of what God is like, you must truly be a child of God.  You will never fully understand how great a God we serve, unless you are a born again believer.  Read more about this here.  After … Continue reading

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The Lord Will Provide

Probably everyone has experienced times that their finances become unmanageable.  What once seemed like enough money to pay your bills every month now seems as if it will not stretch until the next week.  Let me tell you that I … Continue reading

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